Wednesday, January 16, 2019| Havells Rio Geyser price in india
Havells Rio Geyser

Havells Rio Geyser

Havells Rio Geyser
Key Features & Specifications:
  • It has enamel coated link.
  • It has leakage protection.
  • It has heating indicator lamp.
  • It has star rated heater.

Best Price: Rs.7299/-

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Havells Rio Geyser - Havells rio is the New Generation Electric Water Heater which also comes with Five Star rating and Pent-shield technology. The main advantage of rio geysers are; they do hot water in half unit of electricity.

The new havells rio comes with Vitreous enamel coated tank so that your water can be kept hot for long time. Available in 6L capacity havells rio water heaters these electric water heaters will come with glass lined inner tank for preventing rust & corrosion and sustain high pressure of up to 8 bars, making it compatible to high rise buildings.

Havells Rio Geyser Specifications

Utmost Durability:
Vitreous enamel coated tank
Single weld line tank made of ultra thick superior cold rolled steel
Heavy duty seamless Incoloy 800 Glass lined heating element
Heavy duty protective Magnesium anode
Energy Savings:
High density CFC free PUF insulation saves energy over 45%
Star rated water heater as per BEE Standard
Adjustable knob for temperature settings for energy saving
Current leakage protection device
High precision thermostat control
Multi functional safety valve
Preset thermal cutout and RCCB
Withstands 8 bar of water pressure, ideal for high rise buildings
Other Star Features:
Water tubes with whirl flow technology
Heating indicator lamp
6 L
White Blue and Ivory Brown

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