Monday, January 21, 2019| OGeneral AXZ24ANL price in india
Ogeneral Axz24anl

Ogeneral Axz24anl

Ogeneral Axz24anl
Key Features & Specifications:
  • It has cooloing capacity 2 ton.
  • It comes with lcd remote.
  • 3 Fans speed available.
  • It has rotary compressor.
  • It has deodourising filter.

Best Price: Rs.27000/-

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Ogeneral Axz24anl - This 2.0 ton O General Window Air Conditioner with a reciprocating compressor has an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 10 and has 3 fan speeds available. It also has deodorant and anti-bacterial filter and has an anti corrosion body. This AC has features like timer and other controls. This O General air conditioner comes with Burst Proof Capacitor with 9 stage pre-treated coating which is also fire retardant.

This air conditioner comes with LCD remote control and has digital control panel with Display.

Ogeneral Axz24anl Specifications

Type: Rot/Mech
Cooling Capacity:
Ton - 2.0
BTU/hr - 25500
Moisture Removal (ltr/hr): 2.25
Air Circulation (High) CFM: 580
Power Supply (Volt / Phase): 220-240/10/50
Running Current (AMPS): 12.4
Power Consumption (WATTS): 2550
TTS - 10.00
H - 455
Dimensions (mm):
W - 670
D - 705
Operational Temperature (Degree C): 52

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