Wednesday, January 16, 2019| Samsung HT-C755W Home Theatre price in india
Samsung Ht-c755w Home Theatre

Samsung Ht-c755w Home Theatre

Samsung Ht-c755w Home Theatre
Key Features & Specifications:

    Best Price: Rs.39,990/-

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    Samsung Ht-c755w Home Theatre - Finally there’s a home theatre system that values audio as much as visual. Samsung HT-C755W is featured with high-performance crystal amp pro technology which offers amazing clarity and ensures great viewing experience. While typical home theatre systems rely on digital amps and tend to churn out mediocre sound, the HT-C755W utilises its own unique, patented, high-performance Crystal Amp Pro technology to create a world of unbelievable sonic clarity.

    You can also convert your CDs to MP3s with CD ripping feature.

    Samsung Ht-c755w Home Theatre Specifications

    General Features and Specifications:
    * 800Watts Total Power
    * 5.1 Channel
    * 1 Disc Capacity
    Audio Processing:
    * Smart Volume available
    * MP3 Enhancer available
    * Power Bass available
    * 8 DSP(Audio Feature)
    * Mic Included for Auto Sound Calibration
    * Dolby Digital available
    * Dolby Pro Logic II available
    * DTS available
    Special Feature:
    * Crystal Amplifier available
    * BD Wise available
    * CD Ripping x3 (ETC)
    * AnyNet Plus HDMI-CEC
    * USB Host
    * Module included (Wireless-Ready)
    * Dual band (Wireless Module included)
    * HDMI Out
    * Composite Output
    * Component Output
    * 2 Audio Input
    * 1 Optical Input
    * Mic Jack x 2
    * 4 Talloy Speaker
    * 2 way 3 Front Speaker
    * 2 Way 2 Center Speaker
    * 2 Way 3 Surround Speaker
    Playable Disc Type:
    * CD DA / CD-R / CD-RW Playable Disc Type
    * DivX (including XVID) Playable Disc Type
    * MP3 available
    * WMA, WMV (1/2/3/7) available
    * JPEG available

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