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Singer Multistich Sewing Machine

Singer Multistich Sewing Machine

Singer Multistich Sewing Machine
Key Features & Specifications:
  • It has multistitch sewing machine.
  • It has portable with handle.
  • It comes with 13 stitches function.
  • It has 4 step buttonholing.

Best Price: Rs.7000/-

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Singer Multistich Sewing Machine - Singer comes with multistitch sewing machine.

Singer Multistich Sewing Machine Specifications

Brand: Singer
Type :Sewing Machine
Multistitch: Yes
Portable with Handle: Yes
Motorised: Yes
13 Stitches: Yes
4 Step Buttonholing: Yes
Circular Stitching: Yes
Reverse Stitch Knob: Yes

Singer Multistich Sewing Machine - Compare and Buy

Price: 7000/-

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Singer Multistich Sewing Machine - Reviews and Rating

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8th Nov 2013

Nice sewing machine

Some of the best features that are associated with the Singer Multistich Sewing Machine that I have noticed is the quality of work that one can achieve with the machine. There are numerous features that the machine offers but some of the other features that one cannot mention is the fact that with this one you can get a better job done if you compare it with other machines of its kind in the market. I have this one for my business and it is surprisingly good to handle and the performance and operations of it are trouble free, this is the most important feature for me.

Nikesh Bansal
2nd Nov 2013

A very usefull

This is one of the best machines that I have seen in the market, there are a number of features that are a part of the machine that make this one of the best that there is in the consumer market which is one of the reasons that this is one of the ones that I am interested in purchasing. The cost of the machine and the features and facilities that it is offering are some of the best that one can imagine. After considering numerous other machines that are available, I am considering this one as the best investment option for my business.


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