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Videocon Digi Dolphin

Videocon Digi Dolphin

Videocon Digi Dolphin
Key Features & Specifications:

    Best Price: Rs.15000/-

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    Videocon Digi Dolphin - The Videocon Digi Dolphin VT70DLWH-CSN is a 7.0 Kg fully automatic top loading washing machine. It has Steel Tub, PCM Metal Body, Digital display, Fuzzy Logic control, DO IT YOURSELF Program, Normal Pulsator, Two water inlet, Hot / Warm / Cold option, 4 Water Levels, Preset Time : 1-24 Hrs, Remain Time Indicator, Child lock, Dynamic Soak, 5 Wash Program, Memory Back Up, Magic Filter and Transparent Window.

    Videocon Digi Dolphin washing machine designed with Two water inlet option to choose Hot, Warm or Cold water option and integrated with fuzzy logic controller along with user friendly digital display. Run your Digi dolphin washing machine at any specified time through preset controller (Preset Time : 1~24 Hours) along with remain time indicator.

    Videocon Digi Dolphin Specifications

    Features of this digi dolphin are:
    1. Steel Tub
    2. PCM Metal Body
    3. Digital display
    4. Fuzzy Logic control
    5. “DO IT YOURSELF” Program
    6. Normal Pulsator
    7. Two water inlet
    8. Hot / Warm / Cold option
    9. 4 Water Levels
    10. Preset Time : 1~24 Hrs
    11. Remain Time Indicator
    12. Child lock
    13. Dynamic Soak
    14. 5 Wash Program
    15. Memory Back Up
    16. Magic Filter
    17. Transparent Window
    18. Wash Capacity 7.0kg

    Specification includes:
    Wash Capacity - 7.0 Kg
    Power Supply - 230V / 50 Hz AC
    Rated Power Consumption - Wash:400 watts (for 240V/ 50Hz AC)
    Weight - Net 37 kg, Gross 41 kg
    Product Dimension (mm) - 570 L * 585 W * 950 H
    Available Color - Light gray
    Color Codes - WM VT70DLWH-CSN – WHITE

    # Digital display and micro controller based Fuzzy Logic control
    # Normal Pulsator with Two water inlet option to choose Hot, Warm, Cold water with 4 Water Levels
    # 1~24 Hours automatic pre-set time with remaining time indicator
    # Child lock, Memory backup, Magic Filter and Transparent top window
    # 5 built-in Wash Programs with Dynamic Soak
    # Operating Voltage : 230V / 50 Hz AC. Consumes 400 W power in full load capacity

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